Aged Care Information Sharing Project

Improving the sharing of health information between residential aged care facilities, GPs and hospitals

HNECC PHN is currently working on a pilot project with Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) to look at how information is being shared between My Health Record, GPs, local pharmacies, Ambulance and the Central Coast Local Health District.

The aim of the project is to develop a clear understanding of the current practices relating to sharing health information within RACFs, so that the transfer of information between the aged care facilities and hospitals is improved.
The following major issues have been identified:

• RACFs are not always getting a discharge summary from the hospital in a timely manner.
• Duplicate information is being sent to the hospital or phone calls are made to confirm details.
• Medications are not updated in time for the return of the patient to the Aged Care facility

We are investigating ways to use My Health Record so that it can store information in the one place and can be accessed by all parties.

To allow this to happen we have a 3 phase plan:

Phase 1 - We have identified Aged Care Facilities that have a computer software program that conforms with My Health Record, and that both the aged care facility and the GPs can work with.

Phase 2 - We are trialling processes that allow the registering of patients for a My Health Record, uploading a Shared Health Summary and the viewing of a discharge summary. This information contained in the My Health Record is then accessible to the Aged Care Facility, GP, Pharmacy, specialists and hospitals.

Phase 3 - Monitoring how the processes and procedures are working and the effect this is having on the patient's care.

If your Aged Care Facility is interested in working with us on this very important project, please feel contact the Project Manager Sandie Hordern on 0407 105 835 or email

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