Breast density as it relates to breast cancer risk

Following media reports there has been patient interest in breast density as it relates to breast cancer risk and screening mammography. This may lead to an increase in questions from patients around this issue.

There is currently no reliable method or well validated evidence on the most effective way to measure breast density. The Standing Committee on Screening recommends that, until such time that more evidence is available on how breast density should be best assessed and managed for individual women, BreastScreen should not routinely record breast density. Even if routine recording was adopted, measuring breast density can also be problematic as a woman may get different results depending on how her image is analysed.

BreastScreen NSW has developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to assist your understanding of this issue. Please click here for a copy.

BreastScreen NSW continues to recommend that asymptomatic women aged 50 to 74 have a screening mammogram every two years. We appreciate your support with this matter.