Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Your Region – Have Your Say

The Primary Health Network is currently seeking community feedback on mental health services across the region. Feedback will be used to identify gaps in services and help develop a Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan.

PHN CEO Richard Nankervis said” The purpose of the needs assessment is to help us build a profile of the mental health and wellbeing of our community. In particular we are hoping to hear from vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups”

“We will also use the information to map current care pathways, determine where there are gaps in service and to identifying barriers preventing access to care”

“To enable community members provide their input into the needs assessment the PHN has engaged Consan Consulting. A representative from Consan Consulting will be conducting interviews and focus groups in communities throughout the PHN region to gather information from participants about their understanding of the mental health needs of their communities”

The needs assessment will be completed by the end of June 2017. Details of the timetable when and where consultations will be taking place are attached.

If members of the community are unable to attend a face to face consultation people can still provide feedback via the PHN’s online community engagement platform, Peoplebank.

Peoplebank is an online consultation initiative which will be used to support and enhance the face to face consultations conducted by Consan Consulting.

Members of the community can visit Peoplebank to register their interest in joining the conversation about improving the mental health and wellbeing of our community members.

Click here for a list of consultation dates and venues