Support for people with a severe mental health condition not covered by the NDIS

In response to community concerns that many people with a severe mental health condition would not be covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme the Australian Government has committed $80 million over four years to the National Psychosocial Support (NPS) measure.

“The funding will assist those people who are not eligible for the NDIS due to the episodic nature of their illness but do experience periods of significantly reduced psychosocial functioning related to a mental health condition”, said PHN CEO Richard Nankervis.

“We know that some people experience fluctuating periods of severe mental ill health across their lifetime and during these periods of ill health their daily functioning will be impacted. Our health needs assessment has found that people with a severe mental condition often need to access a wide range of services including housing, social security and health and to do so when they are in crisis is challenging”, said Mr Nankervis.

“A key aim of this new funding is to fill an identified gap in the system for people experiencing episodic periods of severe mental ill health. It will facilitate wrap around care that is tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Recovery from a mental health condition is a highly personalised journey, recovery is not easily provided by a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. NPS will support a range of non-clinical approaches to build the functional capacity of the individual that will enable personal recovery to occur across clinical and non-clinical areas.”

“In the Central Coast Region we are pleased to announce that Central Coast Primary Care has been funded to provide services under the National Psychosocial Support measure. Central Coast Primary Care will be using this funding to help people for whom clinical care is insufficient to help them build capacity for daily living and who would benefit from specialised psychosocial support at certain times “

Michelle Bradbury, CCPC CEO said “The services we will be providing will happen in tandem with clinical treatment across the primary and tertiary health care systems and will include a range of non-clinical supports at an individual and/or a group level. The services will cover a broad range of areas including maintaining physical wellbeing, improving life and social skills, building confidence and resilience and reconnecting with family and community.”

“All our activities will be conducted in partnership with the client, their families and carers and any other service providers specific to the individual. Our goal is to focus on recovery and resilience building through a strengths based, person centred approach”.

“NPS is a major new mental health initiative for our region and we look forward to supporting people with severe mental health conditions to make informed decisions about their care and to achieve improved mental health and wellbeing.”