SeNT eReferral System – quality referrals delivered securely

SeNT eReferral allows General Practitioners to send secure electronic referrals to both public and consenting private specialists and allied health providers


  Information for GPs  

  The Primary Health Network (PHN) and Hunter New England Health have partnered on a project to improve the way referrals are received and processed.

From May 1 2020, GPs who are using Medical Director and Best Practice Clinical software will be required to submit referrals to Hunter New England Health and PHN Commissioned services using SeNT eReferral software.

Faxed referrals will no longer be accepted from these practices.


SeNT eReferral supports General Practitioners to safely deliver the required information to the right service and enable accurate and prompt patient triage. SeNT eReferrals are three times less likely to be sent back to General Practitioners for additional information or classified as not appropriated for care compared to traditional referral methods.


SeNT eReferrals use locally agreed referral criteria and service information sourced from HNE Community HealthPathways. The PHN supports General Practice by funding the purchase and installation of the software and provide initial training for eligible users. The software is developed by the vendor BPAC and appears as a widget within the practice clinical software.
Hunter New England Health has systems in place to receive SeNT eReferrals and provide General Practitioners with an electronic message when an eReferral has been received.

What does it mean?

For Patients: Personal and clinical referral information is sent securely between their General Practitioner and the referred service. eReferrals includes what is required by the receiving service including any specific information, tests and pathology results that can be provided by the General Practitioner.

For General Practitioners: SeNT eReferral enables GPs to refer to public and private specialists, as well as allied health and community services. Patient demographic and clinical information is extracted from the practice clinical software. Provider and service information is centrally maintained and accessible from within SeNT eReferral. A new version of the software will be available early in 2020 and will include additional features including saving an eReferral and amending already sent eReferrals.

To date over 12 000 eReferrals have been received from GPs using SeNT and the improved accuracy of these referrals has resulted in a much faster and complete triage process, ultimately benefiting patients.

SeNT eReferral supports GPs to include in their referrals everything required by the receiving service. This includes the specific demographic and clinical information, tests and pathology results required for the triage process.

SeNT eReferral ensures referrals are sent to the right place and require less administrative processing time. Compared to the old referral process, fewer eReferrals need to be returned to the GP for additional information.

For this reason, the decision has been made to transition to electronic referrals only.

What to do?

If you are a GP and require SeNT eReferral to be installed, please visit the BPAC website and fill in your practice details, a member of the team will then contact you: 
(Please note: all installation and technical support services are provided through BPAC not the PHN)

If you would like to view training resources, please visit the BPAC website:

If you are a GP already using SeNT software but require further training or an update on how to use the program, please contact the relevant PHN Digital Health Team member below or email:

If you are a GP already using SeNT software and require technical IT support with the program, please contact BPAC Clinical Solutions on: 1800 247 544.

If you are using SeNT software and you have noticed missing referral or service information, please go to the HealthPathways website and send your feedback via the blue feedback button on the bottom of the page:


The attached fact sheet outlines the transition process, including contact details if you would like to speak to a representative from the PHN or Hunter New England Health.

We look forward to working together to improve these processes for our patients.

SeNT eReferral development  

In partnership with Hunter New England Local Health District, we have developed an electronic referral system known as SeNT eReferral.

SeNT eReferral uses BPAC Clinical Solution’s Secure electronic Network Transfer (SeNT) software platform to allow GPs to send secure electronic referrals from Medical Director and Best Practice to both public and private specialists and allied health providers. This system integrates locally agreed clinical management and referral information from HNE HealthPathways and specialist pre-requisites for referral triage.

SeNT eReferral is benefiting patients through streamlining the referral link between GP and specialist, and providing issue-based referrals that contain enhanced data quality and enable early urgency triaging.

SeNT eReferral commenced in the Greater Newcastle region in June 2016, and is now also available in the Lower Hunter, New England and Upper Hunter regions, with planned expansion into the Great Lakes and Central Coast in the future.

For a list of all the clinical areas and conditions for which electronic referrals are being submitted click here 

Practices can now register/ apply for a SeNT license directly on the BPAC website. Click on the link in the attached SeNT eReferral Information Sheet.

If you are a General Practitioner interested in using the SeNT eReferral system, or if you are a specialist service provider wishing to be listed in the service directory and receiving high quality electronic referrals, please email and we will assist with getting your practice onboard!


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