Accessing your QPR Suicide Prevention Training

Follow the guidance below around retrieving and accessing the training programme. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us

Redeem my QPR Training Course

Step 1

Use the provided link above to redeem the training.

Note that we have already provided your discount code so you will not be prompted for any payment details


Step 2

Add your organisation or group name, otherwise just indicate "n/a"

Add organisation name

Step 3

Add your details.

Please note that these details will only be used to send you an email with a copy of your training licence details with login and password.

Enter your details to retrieve your order

Step 4

This screen displays your username and password for logging into the training portal. You will also get a email with this information.

Select "Download" to navigate to the training login page.

Gather username & password and navigate to training site

Step 5

Login to the training site with your provided login and password. You may wish to bookmark this site to return at a later time.

Log in to QPR Training

Step 6

Input the name and email address that you wish to be applied to the Certificate of Course Completion

Add details for certificate

Step 7

Indicate whether you wish to be part of the a research study around suicide prevention currently being undertaken by Black Dog Institute.

If you select "Yes" you will be taken through a series of short questions before the training programme becomes available.

Survey opt in

Step 8

Complete Pre-Training Survey

Basic information

Step 9

Complete the course. If you have any questions visit the "Need Help?" section or contact us HERE

Complete the course